• The fascinating story of the most loved bakery brand in Kerala

    Cake Studio is the outcome of some visionary entrepreneurs stepping into the baking industry with a promising venture. Since the launch date back to five years, we have disrupted the way people buy bakery products. From introducing the modern baking culture of live cake making for customers with quality raw materials imported from foreign countries to offering premium and Cake Studio only products at our bakeries, we have achieved tremendous success owing to a great deal of passion and determination.

    We gave no compromise on the value of quality since the beginning with quality appliances, premium imported raw materials, hygiene confectionaries, expert bakers and staff, and internationally inspired unique recipes, all for achieving the mission and setting on a journey for a splendid vision. Our partners travelled around the globe to understand the quality of food cultures and recipes to bring such quality to Kannur. We have a wide range of product lines consisting of flavourful cakes, palatable pastries, customized cakes on demand, photo cakes, and plenty of other delicious options for customers.

    Our Signature Products

    Our products exceed the expectation to satisfy the cravings of your sweet taste buds with exceptional baking quality, premium raw materials, expert chefs, and internationally inspired unique recipes.


    Why our products are the best?

    Cake Studio offers a wide range of tasty bakery products at affordable pricing. Our products are made from quality raw materials with exceptional baking quality.


    Modern baking culture

    Cake Studio is one of the finest bakers in Kerala and the first one to introduce modern baking methods, including live cake making.


    Healthy and hygienic

    At Cake Studio, we give no compromise on maintaining a healthy and hygienic atmosphere for baking our products.


    Internationally inspired recipes

    Our partners travelled to many countries to experience the quality of international recipes to bring home the inspiration.

    Quality appliances

    We use the latest and finest machinery and appliances to bake quality and delicious products for our customers.


    Finest raw materials

    We use only the finest and purest raw materials imported from foreign countries to bake the best quality bakeries.


    Affordable pricing

    Even with all the specialities and expensive raw materials, we sell our products at affordable pricing for our customers.


    Looking for the best bakers in the town with quality products?

    Now you can order delicious cakes, doughnuts, pastries, desserts, and other bakery products from one of the best bakers in Kerala. We are masters in baking awe-inspiring and mouth-watering bakeries to bring you special joy while tasting the sweets.


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